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Lower to the ground than the big brother RR models with a narrow mid-section and a power delivery that is easily managed from low to high rpm, Xtrainer has the power it needs to hold the racing line, but favours slightly slower and more technical routes where it can exploit its trials-inspired vocation, as well as the torque of its Beta 250 or 300 two-stroke engine.

The elements in this perfect recipe can be summarised as follows:

Limited weight: just 99 kg, for a bike that is extremely agile and intuitive, even for novices.
Seat height: reduced by 20mm compared to the RR range, allowing riders to touch the ground when needed in tricky conditions.
Brakes: Nissin, hydraulic discs measuring260mm at the front and 240mm at the rear.
Battery: lightweight, high-performance lithium battery.
Fork and Single Shock: R16V with 43mm stanchions at the front and progressive leverage at the rear. The suspension can be fully customised, the fork offering adjustable spring pre-load and rebound while the single shock is adjustable in terms of its springpre-load, compression and rebound.
·Beta Progressive Valve: the Beta Progressive exhaust valve can be externally adjusted by the rider, allowing engine performance to be effectively adapted to suit every kind of conditions.
Map switch device with handlebar button: Two positions for faster or slower engine response.
Fuel tank: transparent tank with 8.8 litre capacity.
Automatic mixer: located beneath the seat (which is easily opened at the touch of a button),it does away with the need for the oil-fuel premix;
Soft tyres: their soft compound and aggressive design guarantee grip in every situation, the rider benefiting from responses that are less twitchy with respect to a tyre with a stiffer sidewall.
Cooling fan: although the two-stroke engine offers good thermal equilibrium, the fan is mounted as standard on Xtrainer, to ensure the engine always maintains the ideal running temperature, even on slower routes;
Electric starter: precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations;
Engine and clutch: derived from the RR, engine delivery is sufficiently tempered to suit the characteristics of Xtrainer.

Anti-theft function: as in automotive world, the device precludes the possibility of starting the engine when disconnected, thanks to a codification that uniquely matches the key to the motorbike, deterring theft of the vehicle when left unattended. This adds protection for the first time beyond the steering lock only.


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