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Is it possible to improve the frame, suspension and performance of a World Championship-winning motorcycle? It’s not easy when the bikes in question are those of Steve Holcombe or Brad Freeman, but Betamotor’s technicians like a challenge, and so two major innovations have been added to the Racing 2024 models, doubling the rideability, power and fun! Beta’s flagship racing bike, the RR Racing 300 two-stroke, indeed features a new engine with dual spark plugs, with most of the other RR Racing range receiving a new frame (excluding the 125 and 200). But that’s not all, because the 125 two-stroke is also receiving a completely redesigned engine. Rounding off the package are new graphics and high-level, race-ready components.

Engine – RR Racing 2T 300

The engine of the multiple world championship-winning model of Brad Freeman is known in the offroad landscape for its torque and linear power delivery. Able to offer excellent progressive power throughout the range while providing top-end performance when needed. With the introduction of the new cylinder head with dual spark plug, these characteristics are further improved: the delivery is even more linear, and although the maximum power is increased, the vehicle’s docility is clearly improved. This result has been achieved thanks to the two spark plugs, which provide numerous benefits:

– They offer improved distribution of the fuel ignition points in the combustion chamber, providing less fuel consumption, making the system more efficient and achieving a significantly lower residue level thanks to the greater carburation stability at all engine speeds. This translates into smoother delivery.

– The engine’s range of use is further extended, as both greater torque and more power are available.

-The two spark plugs are managed with a completely separate electrical system. This means that, if one of the spark plugs should foul out, the engine will still be able to run, although with less efficiency, allowing the race or off-road session to be completed.

Racing Components – Entire Range

• Quick release front axle: immediately recognisable by the red anodised alloy release lever, this component is crucial for saving precious seconds in a race when you need to change a tyre.

• Reinforced handguards: the new handguards, designed and manufactured in-house by Betamotor, feature a two-component material mould, in red and blue, which not only give the bike a racing look but also makes them especially hard-wearing in even the roughest off-road use. • Ergal alloy footpegs: to ensure maximum control at all times and ensure no loss of contact with the bike, the RR Racing models are fitted with black ergal racing footpegs with steel pins, featuring a large contact surface area.

• Rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel toothing by ZF SPROCKETS: top-class performance, lightness and strength – the perfect mix of all the attributes any racing component must have.

• Dedicated red and blue racing seat: with a non-slip top cover and document holder pocket for unparalleled grip, comfort and practicality.

• Anodised black shift lever and rear brake pedal.

• Gearbox oil filler cap, engine oil filler cap and oil filter cap anodised red aluminium.

• Chain tensioners in red ergal alloy.

• New Racing graphics and red and blue wheel decals.


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