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Beta Motor presents the new MY24 RR, a bike which carries over many of the characteristics that made its predecessor so unbeatable last season, but which has been revised with a number of significant new features introduced across the range, plus other upgrades specific to certain engine sizes, to maintain the supremacy of the RR family as a whole.

The smallest bike in the Beta range, it is the lightest and easiest to handle. In pure racing style, it is suitable for both young riders coming up from the lower categories and more expert riders looking for a fun bike.

Updates for 2024 Include:

Seat: the foam making up the seat has a different geometry and density to provide greater rider comfort. The greater support area and different composition of the materials now provide the rider with a much more comfortable point of contact with the bike.

Suspension: in addition to the continuous refinement of the suspension setup, the Model Year 24 bikes feature lighter fork sheaths, particularly in the area of engagement of the fork rods. The different machining of the sheath is designed to provide controlled flexibility, with the result of smoother damping of rough terrain and therefore significantly improved comfort and sensitivity.

Brakes: the front braking system has received upgrades to the brake line. The line’s protective sheath is now fastened better with dual crimping (at the top and bottom, previously it was only crimped at the bottom), allowing the brake line protection to better withstand the continuous stresses it is subjected to.

Graphics: the Model Year 24 does a U-turn on the simple, essential look which marked the previous bike. The completely new graphics have an aggressive, geometric, and modern look, achieved thanks to skilful use of the classic red, white, and black colours typical of this model, integrating perfectly with frame and fairings in the characteristic Beta red.

Road registration available for £150.00





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RRP: £7,495.00 Our Price: £7,495.00

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